$6,200 in six trading days

I'm not sure if you've heard, but StreetAuthority recently launched a new service that could help you generate significant returns in an abnormally short period of time.

For example, on June 24 we found an interesting way to profit from the social networking boom underway in China.

If you acted on this information -- and put $10,000 into our recommendation -- you could have made a $6,200 profit in just six trading days.

Of course it's not realistic to expect these kinds of results every time.

But the good news is, this information is completely free to the public -- so you can paper trade our recommendations as much as you'd like before using real money.

We realize you may have questions, so we've put together a brief information packet to help you decide whether or not this is something you're interested in...

What's your new service called?
TradingAuthority Daily

How is it different from Trade of the Week?
TradingAuthority Daily is sent every day the market is open and focuses exclusively on short-term trading opportunities.

How do I know if this new newsletter is for me?
If you're interested in making money fast in the stock market, it's for you. And it doesn't matter what kind of previous trading experience you have: our new newsletter is for both novice and veteran traders alike.

Isn't trading riskier than "buy and hold"?
When U.S. stocks crashed -40% in 2009, a lot of "buy and hold" investors got burned. But nimble, informed traders who bought into select inverse funds at the right time were not only able to avoid losses, but they were able to actually make profits of +40% to +100% in a matter of weeks. Our goal at TradingAuthority Daily is to make you an informed trader so you can navigate any market and come out ahead.

How much money could I have made from your recommendations?
It depends entirely on factors like which recommendations you followed, your timing, and how much you invested. Here's a quick example of the potential though: In the past month alone you could have made a +62% return from a Chinese social media stock... +42% from a small cap tech stock ... +27% from a health and wellness firm... +26% from a footwear manufacturer... and +17% from a stock being bought up like crazy by company insiders.

Where do these recommendations come from -- who's doing the research?
The ideas that make the cut for our newsletter come from some of the most experienced traders in the world. Many of them are Certified Market Technicians (the equivalent of getting a MBA in technical analysis) with a proven track record of helping their readers make money.

How much does it cost to sign up for the TradingAuthority Daily newsletter?
If you act now, nothing. We're offering free lifetime subscriptions to anyone who signs up today. This offer may not last forever, so if you're the least bit interested, you should take advantage of it now while you still can.

What can I expect after signing up?
Our newsletter goes out every day the stock market is open. Inside each issue you'll find at least one specific trade recommendation you can act on TODAY. We also sprinkle an educational article or two into each issue that can help you develop as a trader.

Ok, I'm ready. Now how do I sign up?
Since you're already signed up for Trade of the Week, we don't need to ask you for your email address again. By clicking below, you're letting us know that you'd like us to start sending you TradingAuthority Daily. If you're ready, go ahead and click here or click "sign up now" below.

(You'll immediately be signed up for TradingAuthority Daily and sent our most recent trade recommendations to $EMAIL$)

Lou Betancourt

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